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What is SquareLand?

What separates us from the other servers?

Amazing Community

Our community has just begin. Our staff members know our servers inside out and are always willing to help new players! Don't lose time and jump into our discord and meet new people and make new friends!

Servers Design

All of our servers built from the ground up! We are using versions of PaperMC and Spigot to ensure the best performance and that our servers will be always online and running with no lag!

Daily Updateds

Our server developers never rest! We are always taking ideas from the community for the best updates! We are always developing new games and events and!

SquareLand Servers

Server Screenshot

Survival mode is where the players must collect resources, build structures, battle mobs and explore the land in an effort to survive.It's where you can simply play the original game, so be sure to grap your friends and join us!

Server Screenshot

The concept of our Skyblock server is very simple; you spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you. Becomes more easier by invite your friends!

Server Screenshot

Start and explore with your friends our other awesome gamemodes and make sure to build you empire together or alone. Experiment with all of our gamemodes for a tech and magical experience! Join the server to play with friends and battle it out with foes!

Community Rules

When joining the SquareLand Network there are certain rules and community guidelines that you must follow.

  1. We do not accept any sort of chargeback or refunds to our donations! When you donate you agree to the terms given on the store.
  2. Respect players and staff equally. Not respecting other staff and players will result in a punishment of you in our network. Staff have the final say; arguing with them is seen as staff disrespect.
  3. Follow the rules of our individual servers. Each server has their own terms on what you should and shouldnt be doing on that server.
  4. Have Fun! We design all of our plugins for the players. We try to make your experience as enjoyable and fun as possible. Let your mind go wild and see what you can create/discover!